Diamond on Mac download page. Need Catalina(Current OS)

DiamondChess1.32.dmg is our easy to use installer. Diamond is a client to FICS and ICC. For support mail lanternbugs at gmail. Lantern is our umbrella project that diamonds is from.

It's one window 5 tabs with a tab for the board and console. Board Options menu has find a game with the ablity to seek and a seek graph. Also a play the computer option and Open Pgn to open any logged games the user played. We support engine analysis while observing or examining and users can observe multiple games.

To scroll console use the mouse scroll wheel. If any issues resizing, a tab switch should fix it. If console doesnt scroll to bottom after resizing smaller type something. Any new text fixes it. On connect sometimes a floating password button appears. Just ignore it or click it and hit cancel and it will go away. Thats something that still needs to be fixed for the Mac app.

Diamond Chess is orginally an iPad app that now runs on Mac curtesy of Mac Catalyst a new feature of Catalina released in December.

Diamond uses the ~/Library/Containers/mike.pearl.chess/Data/Documents/ folder to save PGN. It saves all played games there. You can use the finders Go menu - Go to Folder option with that path to get to your pgn.